Tantric Numerology and the 10 bodies

Are you --

  • Confused and unsure about your life's path?
  • Seeking to understand your gifts and how to use them?
  • Seeking to be in alignment with your higher self?
  • Seeking to understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses so you                        identify how to improve in areas of weakness and apply the strengths more adequately?
  • And more!

What is Tantric Numerology?

Tantric Numerology is an ancient system and science.  Based on your date of birth, (NO birth time or birth location necessary) you will discover your Essence Soul's Blueprint - your innate nature in this lifetime and what you came into this world with.  By adding your numbers together in a certain way, it reveals the following:  your soul, your homework, your path, your gift, and your destiny.

What are the 10 Bodies?

We have 10 bodies and through the understanding of this sacred system you will understand who you are not just the physical body but much more.  Example: The 10 bodies are: The Soul, The Negative, The Positive, The Neutral, Physical, Arc Line, Aura, Praanic, Subtle, and last the Radiant body.  When all 10 bodies are balanced and in harmony, you experience the Eleventh body which is the Embodiment of purity, truth and self-realization.  You have no duality, you have divine vision, and the truth flows from you.

"This amazing tool has assisted me in understanding my weaknesses and strengths and how I worked through my blockages by the understanding of the 10 bodies and using certain yogic practices and meditation to let go what no longer served me.  I have shed and cleared over 20 years of layers of old blockages and I feel emotionally, physically and spiritually lighter and energized.  This form of ancient science is not just about numbers, it's a comprehensive understanding of the 10 bodies as well and how to apply certain techniques to enhance the Body, Mind and Soul."

Are you ready to bring Heaven on earth and live your best self?

This Tantric Numerology is a tool which is extremely useful, it reveals in a deep and profound awareness and understanding of our inner core self.  It also gives us a better understanding of our lives from birth and being in our physical bodies, and how to utilize the knowledge to heal ourselves, which has a ripple effect in the world.

Tantric Numerology is really about knowing yourself thoroughly in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  It is about self-mastery, including comprehension of the unseen. This navigational system assists you in fulfilling your soul's destiny and connecting with your higher self.

Your Tantric Numerology Reading will also  assist you in discovering which of your 10 bodies are in harmony and balance and which ones are not in order to begin your journey to improving your life, well-being and fulfillment in this lifetime.

What your Tantric Numbers reveal about you

Basic Chart

What you came into the world with, your Natural Talents


What you have mastered and worked on in many lifetimes


Your Inner Self and how to make decisions


Your homework and challenges


Your Soul's Fulfillment in life, what you came here to do in this lifetime.


"This Numerology is the future of all counseling, it is the oldest system known to humanity, the most sacred and the most accurate.  You can learn to change people's destiny."  -- Yogi Bhajan.

Tantric Numerology Reading:

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  • 60 min. $150 - Advanced (Only available after the First time initial reading)

  • 30 min. $75 - Basic (Only available after the First time initial reading)

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