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Through the years I been loosing confidence in my self and life just been living day by day trying to take care of my daughter but there was a point when I realized I needed help because I can't continue like that in an absolute lack of self love and I decided to call Anjellea and when I started to talk with her my mind started to feel that peace because she told me the right words that I needed to trust in myself, now I smile more and my confidence it is coming back and I feel happy. Thank you for all the help Anjellea!!! - Mariam - St. Louis, MO - 2021

Anjellea's reading was really helpful for me. Her reading helped me to understand who I really am, and why I go thru the struggles in my Life. I was at a low point in my Life, and after the reading I was able to go to a new level in my journey. I'm a happier person now. I thank her for her help.  Fred Immendorfer - St. Louis, MO - 2020

Thank you Anjellea for another good reading ⭐️Anjellea is a skilled and powerful reader!  Through the years I’ve had readings from Anjellea and her recommendations have been right for me.  I’ve always appreciated Anjellea’s clear and concise revelations. Anjellea’s constant studies in her craft matched with a natural knowing is trustworthy.  Lucinda Martin - St. Louis, MO - 2020

Every time I have reached out to Anjellea for guidance I leave feeling vibrant, empowered, and more clear about my next move. She’s soft, down to earth, and I always feel safe in her presence. Rest assured you won’t be sorry working with Anjellea.

Samantha L - St. Louis, MO  - 2019

Anjellea Godwin was truly a blessing in my life. I was searching for something or someone to help me find out why I was stagnating in my life. Anjellea taught me how to ask questions of myself to find out what the Universe was telling me to do. I was missing so many signs. Anjellea is highly knowledgeable in her field, and led me to many revelations about myself and my purpose here on earth. She is the real deal. Dana Marie G. - 2015

I didn't know what to expect when meeting with Anjellea. I have never had an experience with Pure Primary Energy Source and The Bars Access technique before. Her welcome was warm and I could feel the peaceful energy surrounding her. Once the session began it didn't take long for my body to let go of tension. The rigidity that I carry, almost always, slowly gave way to her gentle healing. My mind continued to process information not only about what was happening physically but also things happening in my daily life. Soon, that also ceased. I was completely transported, it seemed, to another level of consciousness. Yet, at the same time, time just kind of waivered. I felt AMAZING!!! When it was over, much to quickly, she brought my mind and body together again quietly so I would not create a disturbance with the energy I now carried. She asked me how I felt and quite honestly I told her I felt like I was coming out of anesthesia. I could NOT believe how relaxed I felt. Blows my mind still thinking about it.

Paulie F - St. Louis, MO - 2018

Anjellea – You are amazing! The gifts you’ve given me are profound. It’s like you knew me inside out. You turned me inside out gently so I could see my underbelly lovingly, without judgment gently as if from a distance. You paved the path for my inner journey with gorgeous early stone guiding me to my inner sanctum. My true essence w/ light & Love. I treasure U & your gifts.

Tracey - St. Louis, MO - 2014

“When I met Anjellea, I knew there was something unique and powerful about her. She is very confident and always "up"! I first met her at a program which she facilitates called The Oneness Blessing. I’ve been working to move my life forward by addressing some relationship issues over the last year and have made significant progress. She used a variety of techniques to evaluate me. One of them was Far Eastern Astrology. She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and why I struggle in certain areas. She helped me to address those imbalances, particularly in my diet. Seeing everything explained so clearly has allowed me to start working on being more in balance. She also explained that it’s very important for me to make forward steps in alignment with the astrological cycles. She told me days that were good for me to step forward. For me, the bottom line has been for me to purchase my own limo and start my own business as an independent contractor driving here in St Louis. So far I’m doing well. I'm very excited to be on my own! I’m grateful to Anjellea for truly encouraging me to reclaim my own power, leave a really lousy situation, and stand on my own two feet! Thanks, Anjellea!”. 

Johnny Rose - St. Louis, MO - 2014