Removal of Negative Attachments

& Access Bars™

Negative Attachments NO MORE!

  • Do you feel irritated most of the time?
  • Do you feel weak and tired most of the time?
  • Do you feel angry, frustrated and confused most of the time?
  • Do you feel lost and hopeless about life?
  • Do you feel emotionally heavy and drained?

If you said Yes, then set up an appointment with Anjellea Godwin to assist in the removal of those negative attachments.

Everything in life is all about energy and vibration.  We pick up energy on a daily basis whether you realize it or not.  Most of the time we unaware of how negative energy attaches to our auric field and has an effect on our emotional and physical state.  What we think, what we do and what we say is in accordance with how we feel. So ask yourself, are you experiencing emotional, physical, and spiritual pain?

Anjellea Godwin will help you clear all those nasty negative attachments on many levels from your chakras to your DNA and auric field.

Are you ready to remove of all negative attachments that are causing blockages within your mind, body and spirit that prevent you from receiving what is rightfully yours and are preventing your progress in life? There is nothing to do, just be and allow the beings of high vibration of Love & Light to do the work.

How does it work? You will be guided in a relaxed, tranquil state by Anjellea Godwin and she will call the beings of High Vibration of Love & Light to assist in the removal of all those nasty negative attachments wherever they may be that have been deeply ingrained causing havoc, pain, suffering on a DNA, Body, Mind and Spirit level. Anjellea will also guide you on a journey to a higher dimension where all the healing will take place.

Afterwards, lie back and receive Access Bars™ to go even deeper to experience a profound, amazing,  powerful, loving and healing experience. For information on Access Bars, click here.

90 min. removal of negative attachment and Access Bars - $180

60 min. removal of negative attachment (NO ACCESS BARS™) - $135

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