Relationship Reading

According to your

Essence Soul's Blueprint

Are you Seeking to Understand --

  • Why you are confused and unsure about your relationship?
  • Why you keep attracting the same relationship over and over again?
  • Yourself better while in a relationship?
  • Why you and your partner are having difficulty in communicating effectively?
  • Why your relationship is going sour after many years?
  • A relationship?
  • Why you attract abusive relationship?
  • A new relationship after breaking up with your partner?
  • Your partner and others better?
  • Yourself better?
  • If you are in a compatible relationship?
  • Your family's dynamics?
  • And more!

In Your Relationship Do you Feel--

  • Not valued
  • Lost
  • Fearful
  • Lack in inspiration and motivation?
  • Frustrated, angry, bitter and resentful?
  • Confused
  • Tense
  • And more!

It doesn't matter whether you are married, widowed, single or divorce, everything in life is all about relationship.

What is Essence Soul's Blueprint Reading?

Your Essence Soul's Blueprint is the hidden Essence of your true inner nature, what you came into this world with - your Soul which is the true foundation of your personality.  Your Essence type and your partners' or friends or loved ones show how compatible or incompatible your relationship can be.

How does it work?

In order for Anjellea to help you to ascend from illusion to the truth of your reality, she begins with your date of birth, time (am/pm) and location. If you don’t know the time a rectification process is done.

Anjellea Godwin works with the hidden elements of your nature and she uses her intuitive claircognizant ability and other modalities to give you clear and precise information that is crucial for your growth and current situation. She gives you support so you discover and reveal to yourself who you really are, the gifts you came into this world with, and your Essence type. She also reveals your challenges and weaknesses in order to identify how you can improve in those areas and how to apply your strengths in the most effective way.  Anjellea guides you to understand what your soul truly desires in order to fulfill your destiny. By understanding this you will also discover where the blockages are in your relationship and how compatible you and what the challenges in your relationships are likely to be. She reveals all these unseen and hidden elements in your reading.

There is no magic wand to make someone fall in love with you, however, by understanding your Essence type and personality, as well as your partner’s, family's, and other's, you'll have a better chance of seeing him or her and others clearly. By knowing this, you are able to see things from a new perspective with a clear mind and open heart. 

Having a greater understanding about who is compatible with you and knowing the challenges makes a huge difference in the way you view yourself and your relationship. You gain a unique understanding of human interaction through the Essence types. Anjellea gives you insight and clarity about yourself and the challenges and opportunities in all your relationships.  By understanding who you are and your relationships, and what to expect is important when making decisions.  Your Elemental Reading will show you how it is possible to see all your relationship with fresh eyes, clarity, and acceptance of yourself and others.

For Couples:

90 min. - $245 (First time initial reading)

60 min - $180  (ONLY available after the initial reading)


90 min. - $180 (First time initial reading)

60 min. - $130 (ONLY available after the initial reading_

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