For Women of 40 Plus

Elemental Intuitive Advisor & Destiny Reader

Are You Seeking --

  • To know your Life Path?
  • To know your gifts and how to use them for career,  relationship and life navigation?
  • Answers about career change?
  • To overcome self-sabotage?
  • To know your strengths and how to apply them in your life?
  • know what your homework is in this lifetime as well your Gift and Path?
  • To know your mission and Embody your Soul's aspiration?
  • Better relationship/s
  • Spiritual growth?
  • And more!

Are You Feeling --

  • Discouraged about life?
  • Sad, depressed about life?
  • Confused
  • Not empowered?
  • Frustrated, angry and bitter that nothing is happening in your life and you are just spinning your wheels?

​If you said YES to any of these, contact Anjellea Godwin and set up an appointment.

She'll shed light on your situation!

Does this resonate with you?

Are you a woman of 40 plus and feeling low self-esteem, confused about your goals and not empowered?  Everyday life appears to be going by very fast even with the problems going on in the world and you say to yourself "How can I feel good about myself and know the essence of who I truly am?"

You are at a crossroads where you desire to find happiness, fulfillment, joy and happiness in the second half of your life and you feel stuck and don't know where to begin.

By discovering your true Essence of who you are which guides you to your true life mission, you will feel alive, confident, beautiful on the inside and out, and healthy emotionally and spiritually and more!

All of this has a ripple effect on your goals, relationships, career and spiritual growth.

In order for Anjellea to help you to ascend from illusion to the truth of your reality, she begins with your date of birth, time and location. If you don’t know the time a rectification process is done.

Are you Seeking to Discover Your hidden Energies of who you really are?

Anjellea Godwin gives information and insight into your Essence Soul's Blueprint, the hidden energy of your true inner nature. She works with the elements of your nature and she uses her intuitive claircognizant ability and other modalities to give you clear and precise information that is crucial for your growth and current situation. To give you support so you discover and reveal the gifts you came into this world with, including the challenges so you know your weaknesses in order to identify how you can improve in those areas in order to apply your strengths in the most effective way. To understand what your soul truly desires in order to make your dreams a reality and to fulfill your Destiny. She is here to support your evolution.

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