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Meditation is a means of quieting the mind to bring us into the moment. It has existed for centuries in different cultures and religions and it can take many forms. There are many practices that can be meditation. In the 1960’s it started to become more popular in the U.S.

There are breathing exercises, prayers, mantras, spiritual texts, sounds and frequencies, visualization, music, ocean sounds, nature sounds, crystal bowls, yoga, meditation in motion, sitting meditation, and many more – all can lead to a deep relaxed state of awareness. The true purpose of all these techniques is to clear the mind of any thoughts, feeling and emotions that arise and to bring you to a state of balance, centered and aware.

Everyone is different therefore there are different types of meditations that are complimentary for any individual. One meditation doesn’t fit everyone. Depending on your Essence/Soul Imprint, it's important to have the right meditation that resonates with you. Example: There are people that can easily listen to the sound of the ocean, and for someone else it could be very distracting and disturbing. When you know who you are without a shadow of a doubt that means you have control over your life. When you have the right meditation for you, you can comfortably and easily meditate without feeling it's a struggle or challenge.

Practicing meditation that's right for you is important in order to receive the full benefits. Meditation itself is not just a technique but a way of being one with all, “the inner observer”. Meditation is important in order to find that peace within, to have a calm mind, and a feeling of harmony and balance, and to think clearly. After you have practiced meditation for a while you will feel relaxation, inner peace, happiness, and joy and excitement about life, and you will also start to notice synchronicity happening in your life.

There are many health benefits when meditating and applying the right meditation is crucial when making important decisions for everyday living.

Meditation followed by Access Bars: 

Access Bars™ is a powerful tool to receive after the meditation.  Afterwards, lie back and receive Access Bars™ to go even deeper to experience a profound, amazing, powerful, loving and healing experience. Together they create a synergistic effect, each compliments the other.

Studies have shown that receiving the Bars™ calms and slows the brainwaves down to even a theta state! Any beliefs, limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions can be lifted, including worry, fears, grief, fears around and about money, creative blockages, and habits that don’t work for you.  For more information on Access Bars, click here.

Here’s what I’ve discovered and experienced after practicing meditation for over 20 years: 

• Being able to witness your thoughts

• Feeling ground​ed

• Less reactive to situation

• Helps in interpersonal relationships

• Feeling calm and relaxed

• Helps with the body/mind connection

• Not engaged in negative thoughts

• Less Anxiety and fear

• Having control over one's thoughts

• Notice positive synchronicity events happening

• Amazing physical stamina

• And much more!

According to Rob Nairn, the author of the book What is Meditation?, “It [Meditation] is a highly alert and skillful state of mind because it requires one to remain psychologically present, and with whatever happens in and around one, without adding to or subtracting from it in any way.”

According to the Frontier in Human Neuroscience, "Meditation increases the depth of information processing and improves the allocation of attention in space.”

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