Elemental Intuitive Advisor

& Destiny Reader 

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Anjellea Godwin is an Elemental Intuitive Advisor & Spiritual Destiny Reader. She provides insight into your past, how this year will go for you, as well as knowledge into your future.  It's a window of your past, present and future!  

Anjellea also works with the hidden Elements of your nature through the energies of elements of nature and her Claircognizant empathic ability and other spiritual modalities.  She goes over your Essence Soul's Blueprint to help you recognize your Divine Gifts you came into this world with, the hidden Essence of your innate true nature and how to create what you truly desire from your "Essence Soul's Blueprint"! 

Anjellea is a catalyst to assist you in discovering solutions, to support you on your journey to self-discovery, self-healing and self-empowerment.   Whether it's relationship, career, purpose, or mind-body pain and or other complicated situations.   Anjellea Godwin has assisted many to overcome their difficulties so they can live their best and most fulfilled life.

How it works:

In order for Anjellea to help you to ascend from illusion to the truth of your reality, she will ask for your date of birth, time and location. If you don’t know the time a rectification process is done.  She then goes over your strengths as well as your weaknesses and your personal situation according to Essence Soul's Blueprint.

Once this is revealed (depending on your situation) Anjellea Godwin will give information and insight according to your situation.  Whether it’s relationship, career, purpose, self-care, spiritual growth or whatever you’re seeking, Anjellea Godwin uses various Alternative & Holistic Methods for guidance, inspiration, information and insight.  She also uses various energy healing modalities.  She connects individuals to the understanding, the support, the empowerment and to the guidance on their path to making their dreams come true, and to living their best life. 

“The modalities and practices that bring one to personal and profound discovery also bring changes in our being and our Life Path.”

"Through 28 years of experience, I discovered new and innovative ways to develop knowledge and understanding how our "Soul Essence Blueprint" works. Being dedicated on my path studying the Elements of nature, I understand how those Elements relate to humans. Realizing how we unconsciously separated ourselves from our true nature due to the media, beliefs, family upbringing, traumas, and abuse."

We all want happiness, fulfillment, and harmony. We too often don’t know how to attain those, and are actually engaging in behavioral patterns that bring us the exact opposite results.  The proving ground for this attainment in life is relationships—with ourselves, our finances, creative drive, career, Spirit, and more!  Realizing how nature is completely in harmony with itself and that nature is our Essence Soul's Blueprint!  Because humans are one with nature from the beginning of time, we are wired to reflect our Divine "Essence Soul's Blueprint" just like nature. We are not separate from nature, we are one with Nature!

"My mission to help you rediscover the authentic you!  To give you information and

insight to shifting and changing your mindset,  to awaken and empower you so you

discover what you need to do make your dreams come true.

It's a journey of  Self-acceptance, Self-discovery and Self-awareness.

We must first master our inner world in order to reflect what we truly desire in our outer world".

Anjellea’s 28 years’ experience has helped many discover their way in life, realize their potential and passion, overcome their spiritual and physical pain, have better relationships and honor who they truly are and to heal emotionally and much more!  She has helped many realize, identify, and trust their true nature, purpose and mission and she can help you discover solutions so you can make decisions that are right for you!

“The path of self-discovery leads to a greater understanding of life itself. By letting go of the limits of our beliefs, by knowing our Essence Soul's Blueprint – who we truly are – we come closer to our true self, and our Divine Self. Once we remember who we really are, we let go of what others told us to be and we become our authentic self.  This is where Transformation and Miracles happen.” – Anjellea Godwin​

To your Healing Transformation!

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