Anjellea Godwin

When you need help discovering your life purpose and achieving spiritual growth, get in touch with Anjellea Godwin, Elemental Intuitive Advisor.  She has been following her true calling as an elemental intuitive advisor and Spiritual Destiny Reader since 1993.

Anjellea earned her certification as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 1991 and was ordained a Minister in 2002.  She was also certified as an Energy Healing Jorhei practitioner in 2004, and certified in the AccessConsciousness “Access Bars” technique in 2009.  She was certified as a Oneness Blessing Giver in 2009, and certified as a SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy practitioner in 2018.

Her Early Years 

Anjellea’s early years were difficult; however her grandmother was a tarot reader and a clairvoyant intuitive from a very young age until her departure at 97.   Anjellea was taught by her grandmother how to do spiritual readings and at the age of 15, Anjellea already knew she had claircognizant abilities and could do readings.  After many years of emotional, physical and spiritual abuse, 15 year old Anjellea escaped and left home for good.

“I knew after leaving home I was unhappy, a survivor, confused about life, didn’t know who I was, nor did I know what my path would be, and in addition I had poor relationship skills due to my upbringing. I was frustrated and confused, depressed, angry, co-dependent and even suicidal.  I had partners that were verbally abusive, angry, even threatened my life. I was physically ill in my 20’s and 30’s and I can honestly say at that time my life was absolutely messed up.”

Her Healing Process

In 1988 Anjellea moved into an ashram, where she lived for 3 years.  While living in the ashram her meditations deepened her innate claircognizant ability in such a big and profound way that it took her by surprise.  She would see colors and auras and have profound dreams that came true. This is where Anjellea’s ascension happened for her, connecting to her Divine Energy and the Divine Universe of all that is.  This is where my ascension happened for me, connecting to the Divine feminine energy and to the Divine Universe of all that is (the Source). That is where I discovered the gifts that I truly had.  Also, I discovered my power as a woman and re-claiming myself, being the true Goddess that I truly am".

Through the grace of the Divine (The Creator), Anjellea realized she wasn’t broken but had been misguided and abused.  After Anjellea discovered her gifts, she learned about the elements of nature in 1991.  She discovered new and innovative ways to interpret them and devoted herself to the study of these elements. I grew to understand how they relate to humans.

“I realized how the elements of nature are completely in harmony with one another and how nature is in our Heart Blueprint! Because humans are one with nature from the beginning of time, we are wired to be and reflect our divine essence.  We are not separate from nature; we are one with nature!”