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Elemental Intuitive Advisor &

Destiny Reader 

Awakened Heart Transformation Guide (AHTG) is a Holistic Service founded by Anjellea Godwin, an Elemental Intuitive Advisor and Spiritual Destiny Reader for over 28 years. She uses various Spiritual Modalities, Metaphysics, Energy Work, Elemental Astrology and her Claircognizant Empathic ability - her innate intuition so you know the truth that’s been hidden for so long that it causes you emotional, physical and spiritual pain.  Anjellea also uses various Energy Healing work to dislodge negative attachment that causes mind/body and emotional pain.

Anjellea Godwin uses various methods for guidance, inspiration, information and energy healing.  To connect individuals to the understanding, the support, the empowerment and to the guidance on their path to making their dreams come true, and to living their best life. 

How did Awakened Heart Transformation Guide come about?  Anjellea’s early years were difficult; however her grandmother was a tarot reader and a clairvoyant intuitive from a very young age until her departure at 97.  Anjellea was taught by her grandmother how to do spiritual readings and at the age of 15 she knew she could do readings. After many years of emotional, physical and spiritual abuse by her father, at the age 15 year old, Anjellea left home for good.

AHTG came to be as a result of many arduous years spent overcoming many of Anjellea’s emotional and physical abuse which lead to challenges and struggles in her life.  She had to work on her own health, and her own relationships, and work on her spiritual growth and learn to move beyond the conditioning of her dysfunctional abusive family.  Anjellea had to learn to keep her own heart filled with love.

From Anjellea’s experience coming from a dysfunctional family, a father that was an alcoholic and a mother that was co-dependent and whom were both abusive emotionally, and physically.  Being a highly sensitive Claircognizant, Anjellea has overcome many of the traumas/dramas that caused pain and suffering most of her childhood into her adult life.  Anjellea is now an inspiration for women and has become a self-made woman, spiritual seeker and advocate for women who have gone through physical abuse, traumas, emotional and spiritual abuse.

"Through many years of experience and discovering new and innovative ways and being dedicated on my path studying the Elements of nature, and understating the nature of people and how it relates to humans.  I realized how nature is completely in harmony with one another and nature is in its Divine Essence.  Because humans are one with nature from the beginning of time, we are wired to be in our Essence Soul's Blueprint just like nature.  We are not separate from nature, we are one with Nature!" 

Whether it's relationship, career, purpose, mind, body pain and or other complicated situations, Anjellea Godwin has helped many overcome their difficulties so they can live their best and most fulfilled life. 

“The modalities and practices that bring one to personal and profound discovery also bring changes in our being and our Life Path.”

To your Healing Transformation!

Elemental Intuitive Advisor